Sunday, May 31, 2009

Snail, Dragonfly and Toad

One day Snail, Dragonfly, and Toad decided to race around the lake. Dragonfly said, “I’m the fastest.” Toad said, “I think I’ll win. This is going to be easy.” Snail knew he was the slowest, but he wanted to race. He said, “I know I’m slow but I can walk for a long time. Let’s go!”
After Dragonfly flew for a short time, he got tired. He sat on a branch and slept. Toad hopped away, but after a short time he felt very hungry. He found and ate some delicious bugs. Snail slowly made his way around the lake at a steady pace. He said to himself, “It’s hard to be in a race. I know I’m slow. I’ll keep walking. I’ll just go and go.”
When Dragonfly woke up and Toad finished his lunch, they looked at the other side of the lake. Snail was there. He won the race! Dragonfly and Toad said, “This race was a silly idea.”
Snail just smiled and said to himself, “This race was great fun. Maybe that’s because I won!”

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