Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lion and the Mouse

Under the shady tree, Mr. Lion was lying asleep. Suddenly he was awakened by a mouse running over his face. “How dare you are!” he roared and raised his paw to kill the mouse.
“Please, Sir,” begged Miss Mouse. “Let me go and one day I may do something for you in return.”
“You help me! Ha … ha …,” laughed Mr. Lion but he let her go.
One day, Mr. Lion was caught in a net spread by hunters.
“I can’t get out!” he roared angrily.
“But I can help you,” said a tiny voice, and up ran Miss Mouse, who nibbled and gnawed at the ropes until the lion was free.
“There,” she said proudly. “If you had not let me go, I would not have found a way to help you.”

(Taken from Bahasa Inggris, Materi PTBK Buku 2)

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