Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lost Caterpillar

Seven worms were walking happily. Their mother was leading them. They had just had their breakfast on a big tree near a river. “Come on, children. Let’s go home,” Mama Worm said.
Suddenly, a cricket said, “Your last child is ugly!” “Ugly?” asked Mama Worm. Then she looked at the child. He was not the same as her other children. “Hey, ugly!” she said. “You are not my child. Go away!”
The little brown worm walked away. He was very sad. When he was near a lake, he looked into the water.
“Oh, how ugly I am,” he cried.
“You are not ugly,” said a voice. “Oh, I find you, my child.”
The worm looked around. There was a beautiful big caterpillar and her children. They all looked the same as he.
“They may call you Ugly,” said Mother Caterpillar. “But you are the most beautiful child in the world. One day, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly.”

(Taken from Fun Plus 01)

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