Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pooh and the Honey Pot

Apart from seeing Christopher Robin, there is nothing Pooh likes better than eating honey. So when Christopher Robin brought Pooh some honey one day, Pooh was doubly happy! “Don’t eat it all at once,” chuckled Christopher. “Put it in a safe place in case a Heffalump comes along and tries to steal it!”
Christopher was only joking, of course, but Pooh wasn’t taking any chances. He did put the honey in a safe place, and then he went to bed and fell fast asleep. But he began to dream that a Heffalump was trying to steal his honey!
Pooh awake with a surprise and ran to his cupboard. And the pot of honey wasn’t there! “Oh, no,” Pooh cried. “I wasn’t dreaming! There really is a Heffalump here in my house!”
Making noises which he hoped would frighten the Heffalump. Winne-the-Pooh looked under the bed. Well, he didn’t find a Heffalump, but he did find his pot of honey!
“Silly me!” he laughed. “That’s where I put the honey to keep it safe! Still, a safer place would be in a tummy!” So he ate the honey, and fell asleep again.

(Taken from Bahasa Inggris, Materi PTBK Buku 2)

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